The Quotable Jewish Woman (hardcover; autographed by author)




The words of Jewish women to inspire, enlighten and enrich your life.
This is the definitive collection of ideas, reflections, humor, and wit by Jewish women. Compiler Elaine Bernstein Partnow (The Quotable Woman) brings together the voices of over 300 women―including women of the Bible, actors, poets, humorists, scientists, and literary and political figures―whose ideas, activism, service, talent, and labor have touched the world. From winners of Nobel Prizes and Oscars to lesser known but equally remarkable women from many countries and backgrounds, this book is an inspirational gateway to the thoughts and lives of Jewish women, both contemporary and ancient.

And on the True Age purchase page: Are you younger—or older—than you think?
Nobody wants to acknowledge that dreaded number on their driver’s license, yet chronological age is only one aspect of what determines a person’s “true age.” Just as we all possess multiple intelligences, we also have multiple ages that make up our “true age.” Expert authors Partnow and Hyman explain just what factors make up these multiple ages, and provide practical insight on ways to improve the scores in each area.

• Includes easy quizzes to help readers determine their “true age profile”
• Addresses medical, educational, sexual, and familial issues—and many More
• A fun and engaging take on cultivating optimal health and well-being


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