There are worlds within worlds in trees. Without them, our planet would die. So we must cherish them. We must look at them. We must understand them.

My neighborhood is alive with mature Ficus canker, Chinese elm, magnolia, melaleuca, jacaranda, eucalyptus, various oaks & palms, & others I’ve yet to identify. After a couple of years of admiring the crowns of these beauties during daily walks with my dog, I began looking down at the nooks & crannies of the roots & trunks. There I discovered all sorts of faces & critters. I felt compelled to photograph them with my Apple 5Se.

What you see in the Gallery is what I saw. No Photoshopping: only the usual photographic techniques of cropping, adjusting contrast and exposure, et al.

You may not see what I saw. It was not unusual when, after a shooting session, I saw different creatures than I initially had. When you look long at some of the more abstract ones, you might see shapes transfigure into other forms.

I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed capturing them.

Photographs are for sale!  All are printed on Canson Infinity, the finest in museum-quality paper. Watermarks are removed on prints. Each print is signed & dated,

Size: 8½" x11"

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